Go to the PEF website at and click on the "scholarship" button for full information and link to start an application.

  1. Read all directions and review the scholarship list posted on the PEF website before starting your application. You will be better prepared if you read directions first!

  2. This application is not intended for completion using a phone or other mobile device. For best results, please use a desktop computer/laptop.

  3. If you can see the application but can’t enter anything in, it is because you hit the “PREVIEW” button, and that is all you can do, look over the pages. Students have to click “BEGIN” to start an application to be able to enter anything. Refer back to the directions!

  4. You will start your application by entering your student ID number with, or without, the “5300”. You will be required at the same time to make create your own password. Write the password down in case you need to return later to work on the application. If you try to return and get the message “student ID already in use”, it means you are not logging in in the correct place, you must enter as a “returning” applicant.

  5. When you enter your student ID, your personal information is pulled from the school district’s student record system. Please double check all of that information. The address that shows is the one award letters would be sent to, so make sure it is correct.
    VERY IMPORTANT: You must have all volunteer hours and work hours, and, updated test scores submitted at your school and staff there must have them entered in the student records system BEFORE you start your application. Do not wait till the last minute to submit your most current information! The computer program screens using your personal information and if a scholarship requires a minimum amount of volunteer hours and or test score and you have them, but they are not in the system, you will not be allowed to apply for that award.
    Handwriting updated hours and scores on your application OR referencing them in your essay will not work to allow the system to screen for applicable scholarships.

  6. Do NOT check every scholarship listed as you may not qualify for all of them and donors like to see you have taken time with your application. Reading the “Scholarship Criteria” assures you meet the eligibility requirements set by the donor and that you will have the required “extras” like additional essays, reference letters, or college acceptance letters to attach to your application. Incomplete applications or missing documentation will disqualify your submission. Please make sure if the directions tell you you have to attach something when your application is complete, make sure to attach it to the final scholarship pack you will turn into your counselor.

  7. Do not see a scholarship you think you qualify for? Reread the criteria and if you are certain you qualify (check to make sure you have the required GPA, test scores, hours etc.), if so stop and do not submit your application, report the issue to your counselor before the application deadline so they can contact the PEF with your student ID number to check the issue for you.

  8. SAVE EACH PAGE as you complete the application so that you will not lose information. IMPORTANT- the application closes after 45 minutes of “inactivity”. Just typing is not recognized as activity; you must hit the SAVE or CONTINUE buttons to keep the application active. A page will not save unless all questions on that page have an answer.

  9. Type and proof your essay(s) in a Word Document and then cut and paste it into the application, otherwise, you CANNOT SPELL CHECK in the application. Judges may score you considerably lower for poor writing, misspelled words, punctuation errors, super short essays etc.

  10. Use the essay as if it was an interview, it is your only chance to tell donors any special circumstances, about your accomplishments and plans for the future.

  11. Save a copy of your essay so you can use it for other scholarship applications.

  12. If a scholarship requires two essays, write to the prompts provided, DO NOT copy and paste the same essay in both application cells, address the prompt for the second essay.

  13. Do NOT FINALIZE the application if you intend to go back and work on it later. You should save your work and use the password you have chosen to go back and work further. (Again, write your password down so you will not forget it.)

  14. Complete the application online by noon on the deadline indicated. You will not be able to access your application once the website has been shut down, so plan ahead so you are done by the deadline.

  15. NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE ON THE APPLICATION AFTER YOU PRESS “FINISH & SUBMIT”! When you have checked and double checked everything, then press the “FINISH & SUBMIT” button AND at that time print out two copies of your application – one that will be submitted to the PEF and one for you to keep.

  16. Sign the application and get your parent or guardian’s signature as well if you are not 18. If you are 18, then note your birthday to verify age.
    Then MAKE A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS and submit the other copy to your counselor by their due date, with all the required attachments. Without proper signature(s) your application cannot be considered.

  17. Attach a copy of your family’s 2022 or 2023 income taxes. You should cross out the social security number(s).

  18. Applicants who only apply online but do not submit a hard copy package with all required attachments are NOT considered.

  19. School due dates for your hard copy application package will be set by your school scholarship contact, so be sure to check with them for their assigned due date. Do not send or deliver your application to the PEF yourself, you must go thru your counselor and meet the deadline they set.

  20. Please do not use a paperclip, use one staple to attach your application package. Do not include any certificates, forms, awards, etc. that are not requested. They are never used for consideration. Do not use folders or binders to submit your application.

  21. Check the email address you used for your application regularly, the PEF will use that to address any questions about your application, or, if you are selected for an interview.

  22. If selected for an interview, YOU MUST RESPOND TO THE EMAIL TO ACCEPT YOUR APPOINTMENT!!! You will be asked to bring details on the cost of attending your selected college or university when you interview.

  23. All scholarship recipients are announced at senior award ceremonies. We will notify counselors of recipients for them to let you know to attend in case a donor is there to make your presentation. Few donor’s make announcements prior to the senior awards ceremonies however if they do and invite you to attend their club or group meeting to be recognized, the expectation is that you will also attend.

  24. Recipients will be sent a package of information after ALL senior award ceremonies are over. Paperwork must be submitted to the PEF before funds are distributed for a student. Distribution of funds will not happen until the proper form and a copy of the thank you note written to the recipient’s sponsor, is one file. We will send the address(es) needed with the award package.

  25. Funds can be held at the PEF for up to five years until a student needs and requests them for school. If funds are sent to a school and not used, it is the student’s responsibility to have them forwarded to a new school, or, the college may require they are returned to the PEF, then the student will have to let us know where they are to go after they are received.

  26. It is the student's responsibility to follow up each year, IF REQUIRED by the donor, with any information to renew (usually a transcript). That requirement would be noted in the award package. No reminders are given, students must comply to receive further fund