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1. Donate

"Just One $ for the Kids" Payroll Deduction Program

Just One Aqua

If you are a Polk County School Board employee, you can help by filling out a payroll deduction card for just $1/month. This money will automatically be taken out of your check and used to help those events and students involved in various programs. The money you donate may be deducted from your taxes if you request a tax deduction letter at the beginning of each year. Please contact the Foundation office at (863) 534-0519 for more information, or, download a payroll deduction card and send it back to the PEF Courier Route E.

Payroll Deduction Card


A pledged gift offers donors an opportunity to support the Foundation by making monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments. If 10,000 Polk County residents donated just $1 per month, the Foundation could raise over $100,000 in just a year! Click here to Give Online!

Memorial or Honor Gifts

Make a gift in memory or in honor of an individual or group. Contact our office for more information. Click here to Give Online!

2. Sponsor

  • Grants - Grants for teachers, schools and special projects are funded through the generosity of individuals, corporations and civic groups
  • Matching Funds- The Polk Education Foundation, through the State Legislature, can match your grant gift dollar for dollar to best enhance educational programming at Polk County schools. For more information, please call our office (863) 534-0519.
  • Event Sponsorship - Sponsoring a Polk Education event or program provides many benefits to your organization.
    • Sponsorship could be provided to things like the county science fair, spelling bee, poetry contest, and academic competitions just to name a few.
  • Sponsor a Foundation Program- AmeriCorps Polk Reads, Take Stock in Children, Teacher to Teacher/School to School Connection, Project Fill-A-Bag and more.
  • Click here to Give Online!

3. Volunteer

  • As an Event Volunteer- Serve on an event planning committee and help with various tasks associated with hosting events
  • As an Office Volunteer- Assist with various tasks and projects as needed
  • As a Reading Tutor- Work with K-3rd grade students. Click here for more information.
  • As a TSIC Mentor- Serve up to 30 minutes per week mentoring a scholarship student in grades 9-12. Click here for more information.

4. Purchase

Florida EDUC8

Purchase a License for Learning license plate. This license plate shows that you care about education in Polk County. When you pay for this plate, the additional $20 will be returned to Polk County classrooms through grants and services of the PEF. The $20 is also tax deductible. These tags are available at your local tag office. The tag is listed under Florida Educational. Click the link below and renew your tag now. Please consider purchasing Support Education License tags for your company or fleet vehicles as well.

5. Plan

A retirement fund advisor, tax attorney, or certified financial planner may advise you of the best way to make a planned gift that would benefit you most.

  • Bequests - Remembering the Education Foundation in a will or living trust is one way to support future student achievement. To be recognized appropriately, the following language must be used for a will or living trust to be recognized:
    "I give, devise and bequeath to the Polk Education Foundation (or the Polk Education Foundation Endowment Fund) the sum of ______dollars (or ______% of the estate, or otherwise describe the gift)"
  • Charitable Annuities - Charitable gift annuities make it possible for a donor to benefit public school students or teachers while guaranteeing income for specified parties and specified lengths of time. This is achieved by donating assets to the Foundation in exchange for the Foundation's promise to pay the specified party the guaranteed income.
  • Charitable Trusts:
    • Charitable Remainder Trust: You may establish a trust designed to provide income to you or one or more beneficiaries for life or a specified number of years. At termination, the trust assets are paid to the Polk Education Foundation.
    • Charitable Lead Trust: A Charitable lead trust is similar to the charitable remainder trust with one exception. With a charitable lead trust, the Polk Education Foundation receives the income payments for a term of years of the life of the individual(s). When the trust terminates, the remaining trust assets and undistributed income revert back to you or your beneficiaries.
  • Life Insurance: You may provide for a future gift by naming the Polk Education Foundation as a primary, co-primary or contingent beneficiary on your life insurance policy. You may also transfer ownership of a paid-in-full policy to the Foundation, or purchase a policy naming the Foundation as owner or beneficiary.
  • Retirement Plans: Retirement plans can make a desired gift possible by naming the Foundation as beneficiary of all or a portion of the remainder of the account.

For more information, please contact:

Susan Copeland

[email protected]

Phone: (863) 534-0519